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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gamma World: Even more TSR minis!

TSR cyborg

TSR android

I'm just rolling along here- Here are two more of the TSR figures, the last of the android pack and another cyborg (though, I'm not necessarily painting them as so.) Again, I'm just enjoying choosing a color triad and going the quick three layers with it.

 I've also started the conversion of that other Copplestone figure I mentioned. I took inspiration from Nyarlathotep (from the Cthulhu mythos), by which I mean, I'm making myself an actual Nyarlathotep figure. I figure Gamma World would be the perfect hunting grounds for the elder being since he won't have to mask his true form among the other mutated denizens. Of course, the figure could also be simply used as another run-of-the-mill mutant.
I've made the figure a nice new backpack, bedroll and an excellent-looking (in my opinion) scifi gun. Right now, I'm waiting for his greenstuff head to cure.


  1. Speaking as a plastics collector this and the previous post are facinating, at least two of the 'Android' poses were previously (or; would go on to be...) produced in plastic as playing pieces in the big Buck Rogers board game by TSR.

    I don't know which came first as I don't know the dates of the metals, but it's my quest for the weekend to find out!!

  2. These were all marked 1983, and I believe the TSR Buck Rogers game was a little later (1988?) I remember playing that game many a time back in the day.

    Nice little piece of history- Thanks for sharing!