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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gamma World: TSR and a preslotta Citadel figure

TSR Cyborg

FA8-2 Ranger with sword and bow (Citadel, 1979)

Here's the last cyborg and, a pre-slotta Citadel figure (from 1979!). The cyborg went the same route as its predecessors; I picked a color, slung some paint and called it good. The Citadel figure was a little more difficult. The sculpt was small, and basic, but the sculptor still put some detail into it. It was difficult to paint. As a fantasy figure, he is perfectly acceptable in the Gamma World setting. Still, I wanted to give him a chance, so I slipped him an H&K MP-5 submachinegun (slung on his back.)

I will leave the last two humans and another mutant I have on the table unpainted for now. I'll still finish my Nyarlathotep hunter figure sometime this weekend, otherwise, the bulk of my old school TSR Gamma World figures are finished! Just a few days worth of painting, but it was all fun. I even had time to finish up one or two of Jeff's figures (the bathalian and the elf wizard.) 11 figures plus some conversion work all in about 5 days.

My explorations have brought me to some old Copplestone/Grenadier savages and scavengers. I may pick some up later to beef up my Gamma World figures. Though, I'd rather find some more mutated enemies such as some hoops and badders.

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