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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ghostbusters: Civilian clothing

These aren't the figures I ordered (those are still on their way); these are a couple figures I ordered when I originally purchased my to-be-converted Ghostbuster figures. My intention from the start with these was to make them the non-uniformed Ghostbusters. I only now got around to painting them.

There wasn't much conversion work needed. I made a PKE meter for figure to the left, and a pair of glasses for the figure on the right (He had bigger hair, so that figure is more or less my Egon Spengler figure.)

Last week, I was looking through Artizan's Thrilling Tales range, thinking about painting up a group of Cthulhu Mythos investigators. Then I remembered I had my Ghostbusters tucked away. Well, heck, why couldn't they also investigate the rumblings of the Elder Ones, too? A couple purchases later, and I have a couple weeks of work going on my table.

I'm still thinking about getting an Ecto-1. The Hallmark ornament version seemed the best candidate, though, I'd still like to see the size of it compared to the figures before I commit. I've also thought about just getting some random 1/43 scale ambulance or hearse or luxury car and making my own Ecto vehicle (Ecto-3). It's not like my figures are exact representations of the characters from the movies, so why should the vehicle have to be? Making my own would be fun in its own right, anyway.

As for using these figures; I've settled on a modified version of Tusk (mammoth and dinosaur hunting rules). I've also modified Tusk's movement rules so that these figures can be used on a floorplan, a Kill Dr. Lucky board, for example. I could also use dungeon tiles, Tannhauser boards or FFG's upcoming Mansions of Madness. But first, paint.


  1. I particularly like the contrast of their faces. The one with the PKE meter looks like he's a true believer, while the trench coat guy seems a bit skeptical.

    Very nice.

  2. what models are those two and where could I find them? I think I've seen the figure in the trenchcoat but I don't recall who or what it is. Please help :)

  3. Those are from Heresy Miniatures:

    They can be found in the Scifi/civilians range (along with a couple other Heresy figures I used to be civvie GBs.)