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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ghostbusters vs. Frankenstein (AND the mummy)

Heresy makes some nice figures, me thinks!
So I have some Lovecraftian elder beings for my Ghostbusters to hunt, I figured I'd give them some old, traditional stand-bys as well. I wanted enough monsters to fill a small Chessex figure case, and I had some spaces left over. So I'm filling a couple of those spots with the mummy and Frankenstein's monster.

The mummy figure is Reaper No. 2156 Mummy of Hakir. I love painting mummies because they're so damned easy. All I did for this one (and most of the others I've painted in my day) was two or three layers of drybrushing. I decided to change things up just a bit by making his bones all red. "Why?" you might be asking. Why not? He's going up against Ghostbusters, so I'm keeping things tongue-in-cheek. Red bones it is. Just a quick note. This latest addition to the Ghostbuster project is giving me a chance to use some of the bases I've made over the past year or so. In fact, probably 99% of the bases you'll see on this blog, I custom made myself (well- the basing material- not the plastic GW or display bases themselves.). The only bases I can think of I did NOT make were some industrial bases on a few Chronoscope figures I painted up a few weeks back.

The mummy went so fast, I had time to paint up Frankenstein's monster (Heresy figure's flesh golem.) I only had a little over an hour before work, and I wanted to get him done before then, so I kept things simple. The first couple layers of flesh were painted, then one layer was drybrushed, then a few highlights were painted. I also made his jacket and pants the same color (Foundry's Bay Brown.) The hair was one quick drybrushed layer of gray. About the only thing I really took my time on was the gem on his chest. Even that was a little rushed. But he's a great figure that I think will reward any level of painting. If you happen to pick him up over at Heresy, this figure comes with three different head variants: This one; a bald version with staples all the way around (holding the brain cap on); and one with the "cap" removed and brain exposed! Damn, I wonder where I put those extra heads? I could probably find a use for those.

I STILL have a couple spots left in the figure case. I could fill them with zombies, or I can finish the cadre of classic movie monsters and get a dracula and wolfman. Reaper makes classic versions of both, I believe.

But first, I guess it's on to the investigators. They should be pretty easy; it's just a few modern civilians. I also have a Rat King figure from Copplestone Castings that I need to get painted up for Joe. Joe has been waiting patiently for weeks for me to get that figure finished. I may just do that one next.


  1. You always pick the most incredible subject matter and exicute it in a fantastic way!

  2. Looking Good.

    I agree with Eli