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Monday, November 8, 2010

Gamma World: Stanley and Livingstone

Foundry Darkest Africa figure (now with extra head!

So I pulled this Foundry Darkest Africa figure out -- he had one head at the time -- with the intent of converting him for Gamma World. My original idea was to give him a sci fi gun of some sort. But Nyarlathotep already has a kickass sci fi gun. And I've already done a guy with a gas mask. Then I saw that extra head, from the Nyarlathotep conversion, sitting at the corner of my table, and it became ragingly obvious what I needed to do.

This was a quick and dirty conversion. I eyeballed the vising and pinning of the two heads. I painted it fast with some unassuming colors, and called it done. (After seeing the photo up close, there are a couple areas I'll be cleaning up.) I still thought about giving him a sci fi pistol, and perhaps a backpack among other things to prepare the figure for the wasteland. But, in the end, I was happy that he had two heads. That's all the gamma he needed.


  1. I LOVE the approach you're taking to GW here! Good show!

    One head should be named Stanley and the other Livingston.

  2. Thanks, and yes, Stanley and Livingstone is now their new name- too good!