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Monday, November 22, 2010

Ghostbusters: Treyentacle sculpting finished; also a shoggoth

Treyentacle with separately based tentacles. 
I finished sculpting my treyentacle. It turned out about as good as I figured it would with only a couple day's worth of work. Right now, with the green of the kneadatite, the beast looks like a carnivorous plant. That will change when I paint it flesh colored.

I also threw together a shoggoth. It was as easy as I thought it would be. A black tar with a bunch of floating eyes on it, yep, easy. Though, I textured mine a lot more and didn't add any extra organs or tentacles, just a few extra eyes and mouths.
Now that I have the basic shoggoth down, I think for my next one, I will try to add some movement to it, perhaps having it crushing some giant white penguins.

Though, I've sculpted these as some beasts for my Ghostbusters and paranormal investigators to go hunt, these will work just as good in my Gamma World RPG.

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