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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ghostbusters: Treyentacle and shoggoth, done and done

"Mom, I found it on another plane of reality! Can we keep it? Please? Pleeease?"

Believe me, you, the treyentacle looks a lot better in person. The flesh turned out just about how I wanted. The protoplasm is a touch cartoony, but then again, this figure is meant to be another supernatural being for my Ghostbusters to hunt.

Note to self: I know how to make tentacles now.

I also painted up the shoggoth. It's ok. I gave it green eyes to give it's tar-like body a little bit of variety in color. I also added glass varnish for that wet tar look, though tar isn't necessarily THAT shiny. Oh well, I could matte varnish over it, or just try something different later ... I'll leave it and try something different later.

Note to self: My first Lovecraftian creature. Neato.
"Poor penguin never knew what hit him. Or, he knew only too well."

I think if I get into the greenstuff like this again, I'll try to make a flying polyp. It shouldn't be too difficult; I can make it using the same techniques I used with the shoggoth and the treyentacle. But it will probably take a while; I'd want to work on it in layers, and I haven't sculpted much, if anything, in multiple layers.


  1. Once again, that ghostbuster's expression makes these photos.

    He's all like.
    "*sigh* 'frikkin' Shoggoths..."