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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gamma World: TSR minis and a conversion

TSR Gamma World android

another TSR Gamma World android

Converted Copplestone big game hunter
Oh man, am I happy to finally paint a couple things for right-out fun. The first couple figures are from TSR's Android pack (1983). An interesting take on android; TSR has gone more of the looks-like-a-person route. They take the paint well, and the simple sculpting makes them a breeze to paint.

Also, I continue to enjoy Foundry's Ochre triad.

The gas-masked hunter is a figure from Copplestone's Big Game Hunters pack in the Darkest Africa range. I filed his face flat and used greenstuff to make the goggles and nose. Sidenote: When I use greenstuff, any I have left over, I roll into long strands (of differing diameters). Once cured, they can be cut down into numerous different things- soda cans, rivets, eyeglass spectacles, or, as with this figure, goggles, and hoses. The oxygen tank came from a thick leftover bit of rolled greenstuff capped off with yet another piece of leftover greenstuff. Even the wheels of the oxygen tank were sliced from leftover GS. KEEP YOUR GREENSTUFF SCRAPS, I think is what I'm trying to tell you.

I have another big-game hunter. I think I'll sculpt him a backpack with assorted items. Then I will take his head off and sculpt something alien to replace it. Maybe it's time I learn to sculpt bunny heads so that I can make my own hoops (Gamma World bunnies with machine guns.)


  1. Very, very, nice work. Four stars!

  2. I love those old school android from Gamma World. I wrote them up for Mutant Future and would love to find some in 15mm.

    I totally understand what you are saying about leftover green stuff.

    I recently used a cured offcut from a messed up piece off of a sculpt I'm working on to bulk up another sculpt I was working on.