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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reaper: No. 3491 Anirion Wood elf wizard

I finished this one so soon after the Gamma World figures because I tested the yellow on this guy before I applied it to my Gamma World android. It was just a matter of doing the face, hair, staff and a couple other minor details to finish him up.

I love this yellow. I especially like it better on a wizard, since so many people usually just apply the old gray or dark blue, or sometimes brown or green for elves. Nope- I had to try something bright and out there. I do have an elf archer I will eventually paint for myself; he will get the requisite cliche green and brown treatment.

Next up, I have a few more Gamma World figures, a human, a cyborg and a mutant (walk into a bar *chuckle chuckle*) I should have them finished either tonight or tomorrow night.


  1. I like the yellow as well. Although the application makes a big difference, and you've done it well.

  2. I agree....that over-sized hood gives the costuming a sense of drama, and selecting a bright color really makes the whole thing 'pop'. A dull dark color might make the piece seem too heavy.

    Really well done as usual!