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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ghostbusters: Ecto-Pt finished

"I need to finish my coffee before we go after another Class V free-roaming repeater."

What do I like about vacation? Being able to stay up late so I can finish something in one day. So here is my Ecto patrol car for my Ghostbusters. I decided to clean up the weathering a bit; it just wasn't doing it for me. The equipment package in the back was easy to do. It was just cobbled together with pieces of greenstuff, wood, plastic, wire and a metal piece from the bits box.
There was no real planning in this. I just grabbed a handful of tiny bits I save (I save a LOT of scraps) and started dry-placing them next to one another thinking about what worked for me and what didn't; think of it like doodling with tiny pieces of scraps. In the end, I got the "look" I was looking for. I guess I did plan to put a small rack with a few ghost traps in it, you can see the traps along the right side of the equipment package. Nothing else is meant to really be anything. Though, for my own humor, I named the tall red cylinder a nyarlathotepometer that determines how close you are to Nyarlathotep (from one of my previous posts.)
I'm really happy with this vehicle. It took almost two years since I completed my Ghostbusters to get them an Ecto vehicle. I wish I could have found something larger, another old station wagon to convert perhaps, but everything was just too expensive. This model cost $8.99 at Kmart, and all the random bits were (almost) free. So I saved myself a few dollars.
As a reminder (in case you hadn't seen the previous post), this car is named Ecto-Pt (patrol) and is meant to be a first-responder support vehicle rather than a full-sized main vehicle (such as Ecto-1.)
One car is still in transit (a Volvo for my civilian paranormal investigators ((who still have some grant money to spend.)) After the Volvo arrives, all that's left to do is paint a few more figures to represent some paranormal investigators. A couple fellas with equipment, a priest, a psychic, a professor and a couple interns/graduate assistants. This project  has definitely been one of the funnest I've done.


  1. That's great! I can see one thing that it needs - the license plate!

    Also, maybe the ghostbusters logo?

  2. Oops! Yes, the license plate. I'm gonna hold off on the logo until I can draw one decently, or create a decal. My freehand on 3D objects is horrendous.
    I guess there are also a couple details such as a chemical warning label and the black and yellow caution lines I want to add here and there. Maybe I'll have to create myself a decal sheet.

  3. This is ten kinds of awesome. GREAT job.

  4. Great work!

    What scale model did you use for your Ecto-Thunderbird?

  5. It's 1/43rd scale. More specifically, I used a Testors "Easy Builder Thunderbird convertible."

  6. Great thanks for the info. I'm going to try to do this project. Thanks again for the help.