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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Apocalators WIP: Mutant Cutto

Here's the next figure I'll be painting for my post-apoc fighters. The figure was originally a large D&D prepainted Foulspawn. The figure stands almost exactly 54mm, so he fits in perfectly with my other fighters. He's the same height but with just a touch more mass.

The way his arm was posed made him a natural to be a Cutto class fighter. But since he was a big scary mutant, I gave him a big scary blade (instead of the usual shortsword or dagger blade such as on my other two cuttos).

I made the blade with a piece of plasticard. I used a triangular-sectioned microfile to make the serrated edge on the blade. To attach the blade to the cutto armor, I strapped a small length of brass rod to it (the reason for the wrappings at the base of the blade.)

The "besagew"-like piece is made using the wheel from a 28mm Russian maxim machinegun carriage. The strap is made from a piece of Neosporin tubing (toothpaste tubes will also work.)

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