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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Post Apoc: Our great savior, The Oppenheimer, Bringer of Light

All hail Oppenheimer, bringer of light!

This was an easy model to paint. First of all, the pedestal was recycled (oh yeah, I was lazy today) from an older statue I had made for a terrain contest at our local FLSG (I won second place.)

I glued the 60mm Marx figure (from the Lassie set I think) to the pedestal, primed the whole construction- flock and all- then painted him up.

I painted the pedestal first with a base of tan. I then stippled lighter and lighter layers one upon the other.

I used the same technique on the bronze statue, except I started with Foundry Storm Blue as a base coat, then I mixed in more and more amounts of light green, layering the statue with more stippling.

The statue represents the main deity of my post-apoc world, "The Oppenheimer." Everyone (except the Waiteri tribes) in Septimontium worships The Oppenheimer as the bringer of light and creator of the world.

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