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Monday, June 11, 2012

Post Apoc: Brother August, war priest of Rubikon

Here's one of my war priests -- Brother August of Rubikon bearing the sacred relic "Snubnose of the 16th Precinct." I had thought about cutting the pistol out of his hand, but then I realized it would be more fun (and easier) to just write it into the setting.

The gas mask and sash are all green stuff. You might notice the sash is a piece of small moro skin.

This figure is another Marx reissue, from the set containing Elliot Ness and Al Capone; this was is Mr. Ness. I am beginning to like these Marx figures as another source to enhance my post apocalyptic collection. The figures paint up well and have a decent enough amount of detail to stand alongside my other figures. There is also a good selection of accessories to choose from in the Marx catalogue.

Oops, I forgot to coat this fellow with a layer of dust. I knew something looked out of place ... I mean beside the guy with a fedora, three-piece suit, gas mask and wild futuristic animal sash.


  1. It must be from a baby Moro. The pattern is a lot smaller than on the adult.

  2. Yeah, the priests aren't as brave as they claim to be.

    On another note: I made a mistake with my setting - these are not war priests. These are the Oak Street priests who deal with culture and history (hence their similar vestments to that of The Oppenheimer.)

  3. If you can find more MARX repros, the Ben Hur and Robin Hood series have several male and female figures that could be bystanders or characters in this world.