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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Machinas: The Custom of Saint Henry J, and Saint Studebaker's Ferculum

When I was choosing my first batch of cars, I knew I wanted mostly 1950s looking cars, but I also wanted a pickup truck. Saint Studebaker's Ferculum filled that need. My original intention (on which I still plan to follow up) was to create different, interchangeable "loads" for the back. These may include artillery, a machinegun, a tow truck arrangement, and maybe a classic ancient catapult for shits and giggles.)

The second vehicle here, the Custom of Saint Henry J, was an impulse buy (all $1 of it) at Kmart when I stopped in to get a cool soda. The bomber turret on top was an accident; I balled up some leftover green stuff and put it on the roof of this car. It only took one look to decide how to modify this vehicle. It turned out better than I hoped, enough that this is one of my favorites of this collection (though, my one favorite is yet to be painted (("Saint Buick's Conception.")).

A quick note: I noticed others would use a hole punch or similar device to make circles of plastic to place over the hubcaps/tires to give their cars a post-apoc look, as well as to cover up Hot Wheels decidedly un-car-like wheels. I simply used a small blob of green stuff, smoothed out with a finger. It's still a rough look, but it IS the apocalypse.


  1. Super neat stuff, finely crafted. You've been fed to overflowing with creative steroids...and now you are artistically in hyper-drive. Keep your eyes on the road!

  2. Waow, I wish I could do that ! Respect.

  3. the first one looks a little bit like "Matter" in the animation movie: "CARS" !

  4. That is so the ball turret!

    What are you using for figures..15mm? 20mm?

  5. I haven't thought thought far enough to think about figures (my original intent was to race these using a modified version of Two Hour Wargame's "Charioteer" rules.

    BUT, I did see the Dark Future figures (the warriors, not the cars), and I wouldn't mind getting my hand on some of those. I may also have another good look at Stan Johanssen's figures - all of which I believe are 20mm(?)

  6. Please post your mods to Cahrioy when done.

    1. Baron, do you have a link? I'm not sure what "Cahrioy" is.
      But I'd be happy to post.

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