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Monday, June 11, 2012

Post Apoc: Market Stall

Here's my post apocalyptic market stall, converted using a few bits from Marx's Dairy Farm accessories (the cart, milk cans and other containers.) I made all of the food using green stuff.

The whole thing was mounted on a piece of masonite and finished with an all-over drybrush of dust from the Wasteland.

The buckskin hanging off the side was made from a flat piece of uncured green stuff which had its edges torn off to give the buckskin effect (this is the same technique I use for most of the animal skins on my Waiteri tribe.)

I've finished converting my war priests. They look nice, I think. I'll start painting them sometime this week.


  1. That is simply outstanding; great work Sir!

  2. Amazing stuff! I can feel the radiation from those fallout vegetables...

  3. oooooo That turned out looking sharp. I like the milk cans. He is ready for business.

  4. This came out sweet, esp. the Amphora. Can't wait to see those Warpriests in suits!