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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Machinas: Saint Buick ex Cineribus and the Idol of Mercury

Saint Buick ex Cineribus
A couple more cars before I call it a night. The red car Buick is called Saint Buick ex Cineribus, and the yellow Ford is the Idol of Mercury.

This is the third (fourth?) post today, so if you're just now taking a look, go back and read the past couple post- especially if you're confused about why I named these cars as such.
The Idol of Mercury of Saint Ford
On Saint Buick, I put a 20mm (?) gun along with a hatch and tank commander from my Flames of War bits box. The 15mm figures are too small for the Hot Wheels cars, but just having a head peaking out the hatch works fine.

Since these are going fast, I may purchase a couple more. I might have to get a Chessex box and see how many cars I can fit into it; it would be a good way to limit how many vehicles I ultimately add to this collection.

Though, I am running low on armaments, so that might limit the size of this project as well. I'm also still looking at semi trucks to add, though, I'll probably keep to just the cars for the time being.


  1. Hello. I just popped over from a visit at Paul's Bods and find your your work creatively-enjoyable. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Jay- and welcome to the blog.
    If you get bored with my post-apoc stuff, I also have years of other stuff in my archives to browse.

  3. Beautiful paint jobs and conversions. I'm also enjoying the back story. Nice PA world you have developed.

  4. I really like the 1950' post-atomic aesthetic of these vehicles. They have a real 'Half Life' feel about them. Well done!