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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Septimontium: Arena fighter classes

The war priests have classified a few classes of gladiator throughout the Wasteland, though their standards of identification aren't consistent (some classes are identified by armor, and others by weapons.)
Most of the classes will only fight others of the same class, though crossover is not uncommon (such as Infernals vs. Heavies). The exception are the Vulgars who fight opponents from all the other classes.


The Plebes are a light to medium class of fighter. They are armed with a one-handed weapon in conjunction with a small shield. They are called Plebes because rookie fighters and layman who like to "dabble" in the arenas are usually outfitted in this class, carrying a small shield because they have not yet developed the strength or skill to use a heavier shield. This is one of the two common classes.


The other common class are the Heavies. They are the most popular of the classes throughout the Wasteland. They are the most well-protected and are usually the most experienced of all the fighters. A heavy is similar to a Plebe except that they carry a heavy shield along with a one-handed weapon. They also have one or more limbs covered in leather and/or metal armor as well as a helmet (almost always metal.)


Vulgars refers to fighters who come from the ranks of Juggers teams who want to try their skills in the arena. Some are expert fighters, while others are not so good. Most Vulgars are drivers on their teams, so they carry a large two-handed weapon. They will sometimes also don a few extra pieces of armor before entering the arena. The rare Qwik will also fight in the arena. They usually outfit themselves as Plebes or Cuttos.
Many Vulgars are used during animal hunts in the arena. In a hunt, one Vulgar will usually be teamed up with two Cuttos versus a large animal.
Chain fighters also sometimes fight as Vulgars, but prefer the better pay of the Juggers leagues.


Linkers always fight with a ball-and-chain type weapon (steel ball on a chain, chunk of concrete on a cable or other similar weapon.)
Juggers chain players who enter the arena are officially labelled as Linkers, though, most spectators still consider them to be Vulgars.
Linkers are slightly different from other classes in that they are usually teamed up with other fighters during a match. Since Linkers fight for less pay, many arenas will put on group battles and fill out the ranks with the Linkers.


The Cuttos are most commonly called "knifers." Their class is named after the Cutto armor they wear during combat. The Cutto starts on the shoulder as a small shield protecting the head, and extends all the way down the arm ending in an armored gauntlet that covers the entire hand. A large dagger or small sword blade extends from the gauntlet. Cuttos wear no other armor and sometimes will fight entirely naked
The ranks of Cuttos are mostly filled by two kinds of people. Many Waiteri tribesmen come to Septimontium to remind the population of their martial prowess (a display which serves as a deterrent to the cities who might think of subduing the tribes.) They always fight as Cuttos so that they can wear the least amount of "tainted" armor (Many Waiteri will fight with their own primitive weapons, wearing nothing more than a loin cloth.) The other Cutto fighter is almost always a debtor. In the arena, a victorious Cutto fighter usually gets at least double the rewards, so many debtors choose this class so they can quickly repay their loans ... if they live.
Cuttos are mostly matched up against other Cuttos, but sometimes take part in animal hunts. Some specialty matches will pit an experienced Cutto against a novice Heavy or Plebe, or a few debtor Cuttos against a Con Heavy. (Con = a top-level fighter.)


Infernals are always identified by their weapons, which are almost always a machine of some sort, using either mechanical or chemical components to work. Weapons can include, for example, chainsaws, flame throwers, crossbows, guns or power drills. Infernals also carry a secondary weapon since their technology is not always reliable. This secondary weapon is usually a small cutter.
Infernals are usually matched up against Heavies, but are sometimes matched up against other Infernals. This is indeed a rare matchup and is reserved for the largest arenas during the most popular holidays (such as the Conspiratorial Games.)
Since the technology is rare and valuable, infernals usually have a state sponsor such as a senator or priest. The War College of Rubikon also maintains its own cadre of Infernals who are used as enforcers and escorts for matrons, referees, war priests and other arena officials.


  1. That was a really cool read. All the minis look fantastic and it got me really interested in the game/setting.

  2. Thanks! I'm gonna add a couple more classes (I just don't have figures for them, yet. There will be the Superheavies, who have their whole bodies protected with leather or metal armor (shield optional.) There will also be the Incisors, fighters who fight with two weapons (and any combination of armor.)

  3. Great stuff - entertaining to read! I'm going to have a dig through my lead pile to find some nice figures to use in the arena - the majority of my post-apoc stuff are armed with guns.

  4. I follow your blog and thought this might interest you.

  5. I saw that today as well. Love it. When I get back into doing my Tusk stuff, there will be plenty of 28mm beasts waiting for me to buy!

    I hadn't played Tusk for a couple years, and those were the years Acheson really cranked up the Creations. They definitely have some great stuff.