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Saturday, June 9, 2012

WIP: Post-Apoc vendor

Here's a dry-run of my post apocalyptic street vendor. Sure, it looks like a lit of food and drink, but keep in mind this is one of probably only a half dozen general stores in one of my cities.

My plan is still to paint the milk cans to resemble ancient Greek amphoras. I may or may not (depending on how fiddly it gets) add an awning over the cart.

The statue was originally the figure I was going to use as the merchant with the cart, but he turned out to be 60mm, not 54mm ( a little large for my taste.) So I'm turning him into a statue of "The Oppenheimer." To his left in the photo are two suits I'll add gas masks to; they'll become two war priests of Rubikon.

The missionary figure (to the left of the cart) will probably be the new owner of the cart (with hand up announcing low low prices.)

None of this stuff has any gaming value (at least in Red Sun Black Moon for which all of this was purchased.) This will all just be some nice scenery to decorate arenas and such.


  1. Now that's dedication. Also, glad to see the cheese-maker's craft survived the Apocalypse. Things can't be as bad as they seem!

  2. But I can easily for see using another rule system for larger scenarios.. A gang of raiders attack.. Who will defend the town but the noble gladiators?

    Maybe seven of them anyway :)

    Lovely stuff, particularly as I am replaying fallout ATM, so the suits resonate quite well.

  3. Wonderful, just wonderful. And it most certainly will add gaming value, its eye candy. They don't put babes next to cars because they get better fuel mileage.

  4. Wonderful work! This is a very evocative setting you're developing. I do miss the days when I could collect and paint. Looking forward to seeing them painted!

  5. The old MARX figures have many used for 54mm. I like how "Gramps" from Lassie is now their God. "Gramps" would never tell you to kill your 1st born, drown you in a flood, or give you boils.

  6. That cheese might be Velveeta that the merchant just squirted into a cake mold :)
    Or perhaps it's cheese made from the irradiated goats of the Only Mountains -- Glowing Bleu cheese?

  7. I'm really starting to think that After the Horsemen to run the campaign time between KWIK matches and arena fights would be a lot of fun.