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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Looking at Reaper's new barbarian prince

Copyright, Reaper Minatures
When I first saw Cal Arath, Barbarian Prince (Reaper No. 3619) I thought, "What the hell -such terrible proportions - look how wide that guy is!"

Then I realized the shape of this figure is perfect: He's just overweight.
I like playing offbeat characters in D&D, and an overweight barbarian would be great (if somewhat cliche). And I think Cal here, looks the part. (This barbarian will be played by Mickey Rourke.) I even wonder if the sculptor couldn't get the size right, or was a genius and got the size exactly right (Cal is a barbarian "prince," after all.)

If/when I pick the figure up, I will probably use a smattering of greenstuff to smooth out those abs and give him a few extra pounds. If I'm feeling ambitious when I have this figure in front of me, I may even file away all the belt buckle stuff and give him a pot belly drooping over his belt line. Charisma: 3.

Oh barbarians; so much fun. I think Cal will be joining the ranks of my barbarians in the near future.


  1. It looks like a very cool fantasy figure to me. Reminds me of Frank Frazetta air brushed barbarians on the side of old school vans (very old school). :)

  2. I think he looks brilliant! Full of character.