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Friday, July 27, 2012

Machinas: The Battlewagon

Thought his design was inspired by old WWI armored trains, the seed was planted by the dreadnought from Death Race (the Jason Statham version.)

I had some more FOW tanks sittin' around, so I cannibalized the turrets for my battlewagon here. The superstructure is wood and plasticard. The sandbags are made from greenstuff, and the razor wire is made from old foam cutter wire.

This truck painted up fast; now, I need to make up some rules to use it.


  1. Impressive monster!!!
    You never stop!!!

    I love:

  2. Maybe my favorite so far, that is very fun!

  3. Your imagination runneth over.

  4. Where did you get the flatbed truck

  5. The truck is by a company called Maisto. Do a search for Maisto Elite Transport and you should be able to find this truck as well as a couple other designs they had.