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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Machinas: Saint Chevy's Impala

Here's my '59 Impala converted to a Variabilis (multi-role) Class vehicle for Machinas.
As you may have seen earlier, the rocket tubes are just plastic tubing; and the gun is brass rode, green stuff and basswood.

This week, I also picked up a large COE (cab over engine) flatbed truck. Its arrangement is just like the tanker I bought with this car, but the cab is COE style. It also looks suitably retro and will fit in quite well. My plan with the newer truck is to convert it into a battlewagon - a battleship on wheels. A couple main turrets with perhaps an aircraft-style bubble turret on top of one of the main gun turrets. This is the plan - it may look too outrageous for me to follow through. It may also be so outrageous, that I have to follow through :)

I'm also looking for another car made by Maisto, a 1966 Karmann Ghia. It's a neat looking little sports car that I'd like to arm with a couple maxim guns (out of the windshield like this Impala, not hood mounted like the Hudson Hornet I made earlier.) I'll be doing some eBay searches to see how much one will cost. Granted, the Ghia is a 1960s model, but I think it has suitably retro lines to help it fit the 50s stylings of the other cars.

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