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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Machinas: Chevys and a Divco

Here are three more vehicles. The first is an Ahead class Saint Chevy's Fleetline (based on a '47 Chevy Fleetline.) I didn't do anything special with this one. Honestly, I rushed these three so I could get to my new favorite, which is still on the painting table. I gave this Fleetline some simple brass rod, low-calibre guns - I'm not particualr to this car, in fact, I almost decided to turn it into a wreck. But it survived and will see a few races, I'm sure.

The next vehicle is another pickup truck, a 1952 Chevy (Thunder class). Those rocket pods may look familiar; with the addition of this truck and my 53 Cadillac (on the painting table), both of which have cargo beds, I have space enough to permanently place all the extra bits I made. This truck got the rocket pods. The 53 Caddy got the .50 Cal., and the original truck got my tow rig.
I like the lines on this truck. If I could own a restored classic car, it would probably be one of these old pickups. Pretty lines, room for me and a friend, no computer chips, and space in the back for whatever your imagination can think of ... in this case, a pair of rocket pods.

The last vehicle for today is based on a Divco delivery truck (Seer class). I was actually surprised with this vehicle; it's Hot Wheels just like all the others, but it's a slightly larger scale (on par with Jadas). So I painted it brown-ish to make it reminiscent of UPS delivery trucks (as seen in the U.S.)
The conversion includes a turret with base on the front (made with greenstuff and brass rod) as well as a ball-mount tail gun (I'll have to do some multi-view photos of these, so you can see), also made with green stuff and brass rod gun barrels. This is the largest vehicle of my collection.

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  1. Super! I used to be carted around town in my grandmother's '47 Chev Sedan...but it didn't look like yours at all!