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Monday, July 2, 2012

Machinas: The Sting of Saint Hudson, and truck update

Here's the latest in my Machinas collection. I liked the arrangement on my "Tormenta," ('62 Chevy), but since I'm selling that car, I wanted to repeat the arrangement.

On top of that, I made the lucky find of a pair of Maxim machine guns in my bits boxes. I love the Maxims on this car; I think they help emphasize the retro look.
A pair of spikes (not enough of my cars are spiked) and a hatch complete this car's look.

(I call it The Sting of Saint Hudson because this car is a Hudson Hornet.)

I also finished painting the loads for my pick-up truck (as well as adding another load- my scratch-built pair of rocket pods.)

Among the options I'm thinking about for this truck are a catapult (for that OLD-school feel) and a camper shell. Or, instead of the camper shell, I could do an armored car box, bristling with gun ports and machine guns. But all these ideas can wait; there's no rush.

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  1. Nice! I remember the Hudson when it was relatively new. A sad young guy drove one around my town and it was a horrible green.