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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Storing the Apocalypse

One of the more difficult parts of this hobby is finding some decent storage options without spending too much money, without resorting to shoe boxes. I'm still looking for options to store my 54mm apocalators (they get the display shelf for the time being until I find something that'll store them.)

For my Charioteer/Death Race components, I went ahead and spent the extra few dollars because this KR Multicase actually fit everything I need to play the game.

Looking at the case, you can see, from left to right, the rolled up track (a large strip of VFF suede,) foam enough for 16 cars (though, I may use some of the extra foam compartments to store either my Roman chariots or accessories such as the pick-up truck loads or a couple wrecked cars. There was actually foam enough to fill the whole case ((two layers deep)), but I cut it down to what I needed).

Then there are my dice, dry erase pens and stat cards inside protective sleeves for keeping track of everything during a game. I used Ultra Pro Super thick, top loaders, but any old card sleeve would work.

Finally, there is space between the lid and foam to put my Racing Tables for playing the game.

Below, you can see everything that was in the case laid out to play. A quick note on those stat cards; they're great not only for keeping track of bonus dice and things such as loss of speed, but I can also rearrange them to reflect track positions (and so that I don't have to search up and down the row for a vehicle's stats; the stats are right near the vehicle.)

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