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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Machinas: Vacation wip

I got a great start on my retro version of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, made famous in the movie "Vacation."

I fiddled around with green stuff and a tiny piece of plastic pipe to press mold the headlights. From that I had enough green stuff left over to make the luggage on the roof (including Aunt Edna.)

I'm having a lot of fun doing this (though, apart from the headlights, I'm not doing a lot of conversion work.) 

I think the most difficult part now will be painting those wood panels while keeping the lines clean and straight. I'll also have to get the pea green color mixed right.
Sorry, Clark, you don't get the arctic blue or the optional rally fun pack with this one either.

Note: I guess this car is actually more appropriate than I thought; the original short story from National Lampoon, "Vacation '58," takes place in 1958. I have the wrong model (mine is a '58 Buick- the story features a Plymouth), but at least I have the year right! If you're a fan of the movie, I suggest having a read of the original story: "Vacation '58," by John Hughes.

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  1. very nice conversion-touches on this classic Buick.