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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Machinas: Saint Willys' Thunder Coupe

This conversion is pretty straightforward. I glued a bunch of tubes to the back of this Willys Coupe.

I've got a few more cars on the table, along with a bunch of premade weapons. I'm enjoying building the weapons just as much as I am converting the cars. (I guess building the weapons is about all the "conversion" I'm actually doing to these cars. For awesome custom cars read below.)

I've got another minigun built, as well as a flamethrower and a drum-fed, twin .50 turret with an armored shield, which will be able to rotate on the car. I just have to decide which car to put these on.

For yet-to-be-converted cars, I have a 59 custom Cadillac (with huge fins), 51 Buick (a sweet-lookin' ride), a 57 Buick Station wagon and a 57 Chevy. I might leave the station wagon unconverted and paint it pea green so that the post-apoc Griswolds can drive in the Machinas.

I also have a couple cars which are primed and ready to be painted -- my 53 Chevy flattop, Karmann Ghia, and the big battlewagon.

I was looking at some inspiration on the web when I happened upon this site. Whoa. Wow. This guy is a professional. $100+ per car is way past what I'd pay, but the work this guy puts into his cars I think is well worth the price. Sure, there's a lot of simple chopping and refitting, but he also custom builds his own chassis, roll cages, car body parts and amazing little engines. He also does some fantastic paint jobs.

These custom builds are far beyond what I will ever achieve- but they are amazing and inspirational to look at.Anyway, the site is called Scary Kustoms. Pay'em a visit and check out the galleries! (My favorite car is the "Plum Taffy" under the Sold Gallery.)

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