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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Red Sand Brown Sky

Two Hour Wargames just released Red Sand Brown Sky, post apocalyptic gladiatorial fighting (or small skirmishing). You'll need Red Sand Black Moon to use this FREE supplement, but I think it's worth it. Red Sand Black Moon (and it's forefather Red Sand Blue Sky) are the best gladiator games I've ever played ... well, at least they're my favorite; they're gritty and brutal, and sometimes can end quickly if a fighter can slip in a good strike.

Why am I pushing this? 'Cause them's my peeps on the cover :) Honestly, though, I think this is a fun set of rules; how can you not enjoy bringing a chainsaw or flamethrower into the arena?
There's not too much bookkeeping (you just keep track of your own wounds and stats), and after a couple turns of going through the easy-to-use tables, everything just starts flowing and someone is dead before you know it.

If you already own Red Sand Black Moon, have a quick free go at Red Sand Brown Sky.

Note: I'm not getting paid or otherwise compensated for this post supporting these fine rules - except for the free copy of RSBrS - I just like what I like.


  1. I hope there's a rule for showing mercy if you suddenly discover your masked opponent actually has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old...

    Congratulations on your paint jobs being used for the cover. But then again, they are very good, and very unique.

  2. Saw this link:

    And thought of I am getting tempted! About $60 gets all 6, nice figures...a bit pricey maybe.

    1. Those are nice; I like'em! Price-wise, if someone is starting out, I think all you'd need is a few gladiators. All those figures, some dice and a THW ruleset will still be under $100. Not too bad for having everything you need.