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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Machinas: The last two cars (Caddys)

These are the last of the cars I will make for the Machinas; there's no more room in the carrying case. Well, there's a little bit of room, but if I use that space, it'll be for a based wreck or to hold my proper Chariots for Charioteer.

The first vehicle (Seer Class) is a '53 Cadillac (I'm not sure what the exact model is- I'm going off the Hot Wheels wiki page which says what most of these cars are based off of.) You might recognize the armament it's sporting; that's my scratch built .50 Cal. I made originally for my Studebaker pickup. I think  my .50 fits this Cadillac just fine.
And yes, that's the top half of an office chair in the back; my gunner needs to be comfortable. The seet and back are made with green stuff, and connected with a small piece of brass rod.

The second vehicle is another new favorite. Hot Wheels wiki calls it the Evil Twin and says it's based on a "Custom 50s Cadillac." Since it's a "twin," I named mine Gemini. I saw this model on Amazon and knew I would be adding it to my collection; it's got Machinas written all over it.
In between the two large engines is my large scratch built vulcan cannon; oh yeah, it fits. The vulcan makes this car a Heavy Ahead class in the Machinas races.

I have just a few other things to do to complete my Machinas range. I need to make stat cards for the rest of the cars; I want to spruce up the track just a touch (add a little more color and maybe some static grass here and there); and I want to get a few random pics to post a small gallery so you all can see multiple views of all the cars. All in good time.

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