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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Machinas: Big'un wip

... and as promised, here's my last car, the lead car for my Big'uns faction. All the Big'uns have quad .50s. I used a lot of green stuff on this car (and it's now the heaviest in my collection.) To achieve the sharp leading edge on the huge gun fairing, I waited for the green stuff to cure, and then I used a long sculpey-cutting tool to shave off the front in one piece. (This cutting tool resembles a long straight razor blade.)

So next up is priming and painting. I'll also have to clean off my table ... Maybe I should get another couple cars before I clear away all the armor and weapons I have strewn about....


  1. I haven't been to your blog for sometime. You have gotten into something new, hear at late, and I am very impressed..

  2. hello my name is rob I was wondering if you sell these on ebay if so I would like to see what you have for sale thank you