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Monday, March 18, 2013

Machinas: Tools, parts and rust tutorial coming up

Tools of the trade
All the parts and supplies you should need. This is more
 than  enough for two or three cars
Ok, not too much text info for you here; I just wanted to share a couple photos, one showing the pile of tools I use for converting my Machinas cars, and a photo of a sample pile of parts I use when deciding what to do with a car.

Tools include things for cutting, bending, filing, shaping, marking and drilling.

Parts include stripped-out interiors, dashboards, hoods, exhaust pipes, engines, tubes for missiles and rockets, brass rod for gun barrels, hatches, stowage, cable and other random parts that have yet to become what-I-don't-know.


I finally tried out the video function on my camera! It was easier than I thought it would be (though, I'll have to see how uploading to Blogger goes.) SO, when I get my next car built (and as long as I can upload the video to Blogger), I will show - by popular request - a short tutorial on how I rust and weather my cars.

Video could lead to more short tutorials (though, it depends on how much money I have to spend on batteries- My camera is an electricity hog.) I might also do a short tutorial on how to play Machinas; There are lots of video ideas and opportunities out there, but for now, I'll focus on building a car so that I can get that rust tutorial done.

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