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Friday, March 1, 2013

Thunder on the horizon

Engines rumble, shaking the dust off rusted relics. Brother Pilots prepare for the mid-season Machinas Sprints. A prayer to The Oppenheimer and a cheer from the crowd begins the race!

(Just a few for-fun photos with flavor text.)

It's usually not advisable to try to pass between two heavily armed Infernals.

The Icon of Saint Mercury brought the only rockets to today's race.

Saint Chevy's Custom takes the lead with the Sedan of Saint Mercury in second. The Icon and Saint Cadillac's Winged One square off for third.

A safer view- but in the Machinas there is no glory in safety.


  1. Damn I love your Machinas stuff! So evocative.

    But that safer view shot, and the others when I look hard at them, make me wonder why nobody thinks to mount rear-facing weapons on these beasts? Seems like the lead is a VERY dangerous place to be.

    1. My Mutie Beauty and one of my trucks have rear-facing guns, but you're right, not much else I have reflects critical thinking on the builders' part :)

      But it's funny you mention that because today I was actually looking at a couple Hot Wheels cars that I was thinking of doing the main armament as a rear-facing element.