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Monday, March 18, 2013

Machinas: Seven Hills Circus faction

My second team/faction, the Seven Hills Circus is complete. It includes one of my older, repainted pickups (outfitted with a new gun,) as well as my Chrysler 300c "gunship." I think I'll stick with the gunship moniker even though I have three or four cars that outgun the Chrysler (in fact, I have a heavy weapons faction ((The Highway Thunderers)) featuring two cars each with quad .50s, and one with a large gatling.)

The checkers on the gunship were easy to do. After the car was primed (black), I drew the checks on with a pencil. Then it was just a matter of painting in the white checks. I drybrushed my rust and dust to help blend the checks into the hood (to give them a faded look.)

I still have 7 cars soon to convert and paint, along with a couple new weapon configuration ideas to try out. I'll use the new cars to fill out a couple of my other teams. (I gutted a few teams to provide potential cars as giveaways for the Machinas Kickstarter.) I also picked up some brass tubing to make a few more rocket and missile tubes, something that's been lacking on my last few cars.

I hope to get the new cars finished faster than slower; my friend Jeff tells me that the Reaper Bones kickstart figures are shipping soon. That's going to be a lot of painting. But that's OK; Jeff is my patron, buying all the bases, static grass and greens stuff I need, in return for painting up the few random figures here and there for his D&D campaigns.


  1. Cool faction, I like the Chrysler.

  2. Very cool, i found a few cars at home, i have started to convert them, im no way up to your standard, but im giving it a go. what paint do you use for the rust effect?

    1. I use the same acrylic paint as the rest of the car. Personally, I use Foundry, P3, and Games Workshop for metallic paint.

      For rust, start with a dark brown painted randomly all over your car, then highlight with red brown, then mix some orange into the red brown for a final highlight.