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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Machinas WIP: Firelane and Belvedere

The Ford Fairlane is now armed with a large flamethrower, so I've changed the car's canonized name to Saint Ford's "Fire"lane. The Firelane also has an extra gas tank mounted on the trunk (live dangerously? Why not. No worries- there's a small boilerplate behind the tank.)

The Plymouth will simply be Saint Plymouth's Belvedere. It has been armed with a spiked ram (I had a few spikes leftover from making my Thunder Apple,) and a fixed forward gun mounted in a substantial fairing. I also took out the old engine and removed the hood to fit in a larger engine complete with blower.

I'm not yet sure what color the Firelane will be, but I plan to make a "Silver" faction (which so far only includes Jack Slade's Driving Fortress and the Fires of Saint Chevy (pictured here,) to which I plan to add the Belvedere. She'll get a nice silver coat along with a tigershark mouth on the front fenders. (one of my pickup trucks, I also plan to redo and add to the silver faction.)


  1. Carmen

    I haven't visited for a while. What a treat to the eyes. I love what you are doing with the toy vehicles.