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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Machinas: The showroom floor

My shipment of new cars arrived today, so I thought I'd show a couple shots of how beautiful these cars are before I apocalyze them. These are all M2 Machine "Auto-thentic" cars. These are the more expensive models, but Hot Wheels has a lack of pre-1960 cars in stores right now. Even still, I prefer these beauties.

Suede interiors; polished chrome wheel covers, grills, highlights and bumpers; acrylic lacquer paint; whitewall tires; powerful V6, V8 and hemi engines; elegant body lines and smooth styling ... All soon to be replaced with rust, dust and guns.

It's almost a shame to run these through an apocalypse ... almost.


  1. lol, the poor cars, they look like they just rolled out of the factory

  2. In a way, they DID just roll out of the factory: The box I got from Amazon was a sealed box from Castline (who makes M2 Machines :)

  3. Should I go ahead with this project (when rules are released) I will go for a smaller scale. 1/72 (20mm in wargames talk) most likely.

  4. "Pure beauties"! totally agree with you ! I love the tires with white flanks!

    I visit your blog many times and I must say that it's always a pleasure to see your cars.

    I've read the post about the review of the cars manufacturers, it gave me the idea to collect some, but I know that it's not a good idea, because I'm ready to buy too much models!
    Sure that my bank account will be sick...

    Many thanks: I look at yours, and it's enough!