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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Machinas: Glossary and new cars

Just some random information here while I waste time between races.
Glossary of fluff (my hardcore followers already know most of these terms):

The Known Wasteland: As opposed the the Wasteland, the "Known" Wasteland is a small republic that sits within view of Mount Losalamos, the tallest mountain of the "Only Mountains," and home to The Oppenheimer.

The Oppenheimer: The one true god of the Known Wasteland.

Seven Hills City: Known by the Church as Septimontium, Seven Hills City is the capitol of the Known Wasteland. It is also home to the greatest racing arena, the Circus Acceleratus, a half-mile gravel oval with stone walls, banked turns, and seating for 100,000 spectators.

'57 Ford Fairlane and '58 Plymouth Belvedere as they appear before
"The Light," (the apocalypse.)
Infernal: When the Church discovered that explosive fire was required  to operate the newly discovered vehicles, it dubbed them, informally, the "Infernals."

Brother Pilot: Since the Infernals are religious relics, only priests are allowed to drive them. When a priest finally takes the wheel of his infernal, he formally loses his name and gains the name "Brother Pilot." All drivers are known as Brother Pilots.

These diecast cars are made by M2 Machines. They are a little more pricey,
but they have hinged doors and hoods, and detailed engines which can be
easily removed and/or replaced with other engines.
Savvy, Tech and Speed: These are the attributes you'll use when racing. Savvy and Tech are applied to Brother Pilots while Speed is applied to the Infernal. Savvy is a measure of natural driving ability, and Tech is a measure of mechanical knowledge on the fly and in modifying and arming the car in the garage. Speed is a measure of an Infernal's momentum and raw power.

Passing: Passing is just that, passing an opponent. But a pass attempt could also be an attempt to line up your sights to bash or shoot at an opponent.

Bashing: One of your combat options is to ram an opponent; cars with spiked or other rams are advised to bash, especially if they are outgunned. Bashing could also be by a lead car preventing a pass attempt by trying to sideswipe an opponent.

Shooting: You don't need much of an explanation of this one. Guns come in all shapes and calibers: Small .30 fixed forward guns, twin and quad .50s, small tanks guns, or even a simple .357 for the Pilot. Shooting also covers missiles and rockets as well as the ability to deploy some defensive measures.

Retro Apocalypse: Not a term used in the rulebook, nor an original concept. Machinas tales place in  a post-retro-apocalypse; in this background, the apocalypse took place in 1959, so you'll only find vehicle models from 1959 and before. Also, only weapons, items, engines and other relics will be from before 1959. Don't worry, Machinas works with any car from any year; But if you want to be hardcore, use pre-1960 American models.

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