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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Machinas: The Runnin' Gunners

Here's my new favorite faction, the Runnin' Gunners. The American Indian-inspired markings turned out the way I had envisioned them.

After the markings were painted, I gave all the cars a drybrushing of light tan for dust. This dusting all helps to blend everything together (rust, markings, and replaced body panels.)

Next up are two more cars for my Black Tops, and the plow car for my Vestal Mechanics. After those,  I guess I'll get in a couple more races/chases.

Then maybe it's time for a piece of scenery or two. I was thinking of a couple things: A simple stone wall to run along one side of the track (which would serve an actual function), and/or a set of toll booths to sit along the back end of the track (which would only serve to dress up the track, but still be fun to build.)


  1. I love the way they have turned out. I shall steal the idea mercilessly (erhm... I mean take inspiration from them).

  2. Fantastic models and great painting !

  3. The dusting worked well. I like how these came together with the hints of color and the markings.