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Friday, March 19, 2010

54mm Civil War rebel

As promised, here is my first ever American Civil War figure painted up! And dang, as they get larger, they get more difficult to paint. Not the small details, but the large swaths. The frock coat was the most difficult part of this mini; Trying to get the colors to blend loser with less contrast (using a multi-layer method instead of a wet-blend.)
The quilt was easy; it just took a lot of colors, layers and time- but the actual execution was easy enough. And since it's a quilt, as long as you repeat a few patterns, it's difficult to mess up.
I painted up the rifle as a 3-band Enfield (An easy way to tell the difference between an Enfield and a Springfield is that the Enfield has brass fittings.)

Anyway, I've also began work on my scissor gladiator as well as a Reaper dragon man mini (with billowing cloak!) for a friend of mine. I've forged (I like that verb) a block of greenstuff from which I will cut a mordenkrad head for that dragon man. I'll post that figure here when it gets finished.


  1. Carmen, Thanks for all the kind words regarding Blackcat and for such a fantastic job on the painting.
    I have a row of Rebals that need painted.I'll try and do that kind of work to at least one of them!
    Top notch work.
    Thank you for letting us see.
    Harold Scott

  2. Thanks, Harold! By the way, I'm already thinking about another gladiator order- Probably be small again; I'm looking to do some more conversions.

  3. Very nice! I like the way the entire figure is very subtle, but contrasts with the brightness of the quilt.