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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good companies

Over the years, I've come to purchase from some great miniatures dealers. I'd like to list a few of my favorites: These aren't just companies I've bought from, these are dealers and people who have issued personal correspondence, dealt swiftly with problem orders, have quick shipping, sent extras with orders or have allowed me to make custom orders (one figure from a pack, bits and such.) Each dealer is linked, so go have a visit!
(This is not an exhaustive list- just a few who have been good to me personally. And I apologize to any I may have missed.)

Copplestone Castings
Steve Barber Models
Blackcat Miniatures
Sash and Saber
The Warstore
Hawgleg (sellers of the Gutshot Old West skirmish rules)
Eureka Miniatures

Most of these are small (even one-man) operations, and it's nice that they can still take time to deal with customers as individuals and not as order numbers. It feels good that there are still a few places on the Internet where you can be treated like a human being. I salute you all!

Feel free to mention any of your favorites in the comments (that are not already printed here) and why you like them.

Note: None of these companies have solicited this post from me, except from what great services they have already given.

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  1. The only one I can attest to is Sash and Saber. I've also had nothing but great service. My last order was placed late on a Thursday night and arrived Monday afternoon!