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Friday, March 26, 2010

Direct sunlight is your friend

I had one of those evenings when the sun was shining directly into my living room and onto my display table, so I took a few shots. Here's one of them (Reaper Warlord elf sniper). That direct sunlight is PERFECT for taking photographs. I have not done a single thing to this photo except crop it. You can see the layers of paint, all my brushstrokes (and my "impressionistic" style- that's what I call it to justify my sloppy brush), the colors in their truest hue, and every tiny hair and dust particle trapped by the varnishing in a dirty room :)

Now this photo is still a bit dark- the figure was in the sun and the background in the shade- but I think outside, saturated with sunlight, this could make for some great photos.

I may need to move my photographing outdoors (as many painters already do.) It's getting warmer, so this is easily possible. Though, indoors, I do enjoy the standardization of my photography (everything having its place); It helps to define my blog's style and speed up the process when I have little time.

Maybe the stuff I'm particularly proud of (and not afraid to show a few bad strokes on) I will take pics of outside, in the sunshine, in front of the apartment with all my eerie neighbors watching and wondering....hmmm...or maybe I'll just tote stuff over to Jeff and Charlie's where I can photograph in peace.


  1. I've found this - I couldn't work out why some of my images blew-up to umtysomthing size, and others didn't, until I had real problems getting a yellow box to look 'right' under three angle-poise lamps the other night. Next day took perfect pictures over by the window even though it was cloudy!!!

    Nice archer too!

  2. Finally a post on pictures. Is your camera HD?! jk... you get awesome pics, is it all lighting or a fancy camera? Megapix? My camera sucks, so any mini pics I take look a lot worse than I paint them (which is bad to start). Also, as a side note to your latest post: fuck. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Nico- I use a Canon Powershot A460 which shoots at 5 megapixels. So it's an average camera with a decent macro function. If you use the macro function, try taking the pic a few inches away from the miniature (not extreme closeups.) I usually shoot from 5 to 8 inches away.
    I also set my camera to take the largest possible photo (something like 2800 pixels X 1500 pixels), then I crop and scale down the photo in Photoshop.