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Saturday, March 20, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Scissor

Just moving right along here! And I'm back on track with the gladiators. This one was fun to do, and tested my meager chainmail-making skills with greenstuff. I know I can do better, and will get better eventually, but I'm still happy that with a glance, this figure at least looks like he is wearing a coat of chainmail.
I also wish I had been able to hammer out a proper blade for his lead arm. I'm not to put out by my small failure there; if I do figure out how to make one in the future, it won't be too difficult to replace this current blade.
The armor on the right shoulder I am happy with: I simply flattened out some greenstuff until it was paper thin. After it cured, I was able to simply cut long rectangles from it and curve them over the shoulder one at a time (gluing each one down). Done- armor! The thin greenstuff is quite flexible and not too difficult to wok with. If you have any extra after doing a small project, flatten it out and see what kind of fun you can cut out of it later.
All in all, I'm happy with this figure. From a small assortment of gladiators, and a touch of greenstuff, one can make a lot of gladiator types, enough to fill the pockets of any lanista!

Not much is known about the scissor. It is surmised that they were a variant of the secutor, and simply an alternative opponent for the retiarius

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