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Saturday, March 6, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Provocator

I almost forgot I wanted to have a multi-national diverse group of fighters for my school of gladiators. Honestly, I forget what colors I used here, I just grabbed some random browns off the rack and did a few mixings to create this color which, to me, looks generic enough to be used as north African or Middle Eastern.
This figure is as is; I didn't do any conversion work. I kept him simple, too. No shield design, and no feathers, though this gladiator would/could have them. When I order some more gladiators, I will get one to convert into another provocator; he will get some feathers.

Not much is known about the provocator (meaning Challenger) except what he wore and who he fought. The provocator's armor consist of a largish greave on the left leg, quilted armor on the weapon arm, large helmet and a large shield. What set the provocator apart from other classes of gladiator was his large breastplate (cardiophylax). This plate was squarish in shape (and more of a crescent shape int he later imperial period.)
The provocator was matched up against other provocators, though I've read somewhere (and I cannot confirm) that the provocator may have fought other medium gladiators such as the murmillo.

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