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Saturday, March 27, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Boxer

And here's the other boxer. He's a touch smaller than the other fella, but the Romans didn't have weight classes in boxing. So this little scrapper is gonna have to work a little harder to fell his opponent.

This was a straightforward paint job. There's no conversion work here; this is how the figure comes, and this is how I painted him.

And that's it for all the gladiators I had on my table! I guess I'll have to order more. I hope Harold doesn't mind spinning me a few more. I should have made one giant order to make it worth his time; I feel bad about ordering just a few figures at a time- from most places really, not just Blackcat.

I hope some of you all are trying out some larger scale stuff- if not, you're missing something nice. It's relaxing and easy. I was afraid that returning to the 28mm stuff would be difficult, but it's quite the opposite. The brush control is still there, and as I paint, I realize, "Hey, I don't have so much surface area to cover now- I'm done!"

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