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Saturday, March 27, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Dimachaerus

Here's a relatively heavily converted dimachaerus. Below is a side-by-side comparison with a photo of the original figure, so you can see what I've added. The manica on the arm and all the armor and padding on the legs were made from greenstuff. The helmet was an extra bit.
I'm confident enough with my sculpting skills to convert about any gladiator class into any other class. I may even see if I can pick up a couple more boxers; give them sword and shield and a little armor, and toss them into the arena.

I want to get another copy of the original dimachaerus figure to convert into another retiarius (hence the search for making my own net.)I would either put the trident in his left hand, stabbing, and the right hand holding the net limp; or the trident in the right hand as the left hand is casting the net. If I chose the second option, I'd need to keep the net behind the hand simply for the sake of practicality (for gaming): Having the net being cast forward would look cool, but it would get in the way.)


  1. This is probably my favorite gladiator you've done.. Great conversion! My only criticism is that it looks like he is ankle deep in the sand.

  2. Criticism accepted: I did add a bit too much sand- and he (and most of these sculpts) had tiny feet to begin with (which were hidden even more with my armor additions.

    On the others, I tried leaving a 1mm buffer between feet and sand; I ran the sand all the way up to his feet on this one. Oh well. Live and learn.

    Hmmm, Perhaps I could sculpt bigger feet?