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Sunday, March 7, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Hoplomachus (converted)

Here's my other hoplomachus. This one was converted from the thraex figure (compare this figure with the thraex from earlier.) Since the armor didn't change, it was a simple matter of giving this figure a spear in place of the sword.

I like the horsehair crest on this figure better than the murmillo's; this one seems to flow better.

This is the last figure of my proper "classes" of gladiators. I still have two others to paint, a dwarf dimachaerus (a two-sword fighter), as well as a prisoner (which is really just a Germanic tribal fighter with sword and shield.)

I've read recently that Alpha Miniatures, when they released these gladiators a few years ago, also had a couple Roman boxer sculpts. I've seen a photo of one of them (looks good!), so I hope to track them down to purchase and paint. They are not gladiators, but it would be nice to have them to fill out the collection. In the meantime, I put in another order for a few more gladiators. I want to fill out a couple pairings and try a couple conversions, including a scissor fighter (no, he doesn't fight with scissors, he fights with a sword in one hand and a nasty chopping knife in the other.)

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  1. What about a paper fighter, and a rock fighter while you are at it.