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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fairy Meat and some old(er) painted minis

So I picked up Fairy Meat 10 years ago right after it came out, and I've never played it (sigh). Soon after, when I got into Confrontation, I decide to sacrifice a few Fianna warriors to conversion into Fairy Meat minis. And these were the result.
The wings came from a blister sold by Reaper back then (not sure if the wings are still available). In those days, I still had not discovered the delights of greenstuff or Sculpey, so I had to find little creative ways of covering up my handywork (in this case, the brass pin that poked out the back of the wings), hence, the skulls. Who'd a thought a skull could be aesthetic AND practical?

Having rediscovered these minis just a few days ago, I thought I'd share them (as well as share an older sample of my painting.) I still have the rules, and I'm gonna have another read. The rules are a bit clunky, but their premise is great: Fairies battle each other with vicious weapons yes, but the scale is 1:1. So your 28mm fairy is actual size, and the battlefield is where ever you want- forest floor, dirty bedroom, dorm room desk (ideas straight from the rule book.) I may use a different rule set, but keep the scale.

Anyway, point being, here's some minis I have that I thought were pretty cool and wanted to share:)


  1. This game looks excellent, shame it wasn't so readily available in the UK at the time.
    I would love to give it a go sometime and those are some very inspired conversions!

    Well done mate.


  2. Point being - That's the whole point of a blog! - Nice share...

  3. I'd forgotten all about Fairy Meat! I always thought it was a solid and fun concept, but never found anyone I knew that wanted to try it out.

    Ah well.

    Thats quite a bright collection you amassed. :)