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Sunday, March 21, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Provocator (converted)

I'm very much enjoying putting together, converting and painting these gladiators. I'm thinking about selling off my big collection of Foundry Gladiators to finance more fighters from Blackcat. I cracked this figure out in an hour and a half (not including the hour for converting and assembling).

This provocator uses the same body as this murmillo figure. The weapon arm is a separate piece; Where it meets the shoulder, I filed the area down so that I could drop the arm toward the side (just to provide a little variety.) I covered up the mess I made with some more chainmail and an extra strap extended from the shoulder.

Other converted parts included a little greenstuff to make a breastplate (the major piece that identifies a provocator) and the switch from a murmillo helmet to a provocator helmet (among the extras Harold sent me from my first order with Blackcat).

Somewhere on the net or in a book, I saw a painting of a Roman soldier with a black shield painted with a gold/yellow design (wreath I think it was). I liked the color combination and used it on this fellow's shield, while mimicking the wings design seen on many legionnaires' shields. I originally wanted to do the gold wreath on the black background, but one of my other gladiators already has a wreath, and I want some variety in the shield designs. In any case, it was the color combination I was after- and I like it!

Still on the table: A thraex-armored dimachaerus and a couple ancient boxers. Monday or Tuesday, I should receive a shipment of more 50mm bases, at which time I can paint those figures up. I also have another 54mm ACW Rebel which is ready to be painted.

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