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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reaper Half dragon warrior

This is Reaper's "Golanth, half dragon warrior" (3463). As per Charlie's (owner of said figure) instructions, I've cut the swords from the left and right hands. The weapon hand has been replaced with a mordenkrad I cut from some cured greenstuff. And the other hand I've made to appear as if Golanth is pulling in his (custom greenstuff) cape to shield his face (think Dracula pose). The only other request (besides specific colors) was that the cape specifically be the "Cloak of the Walking Wounded" (from D&D). I read up on the description and only found that when the cloak is activated, thin, red veins appear across the cloak- hence the veins.

(I've mentioned this bit before, but I'll repeat it here) The spikes on the Mordenkrad were a new experience for me. I've cut hammerheads out of cured greenstuff before, but I had never done spikes. They were quite easy: I simply rolled tiny little "cigars" with pointed ends, let them cure and cut the points off. Spikes! Easy!

It was also nice to dig out the old cape jig and get another nice billowing cape made. This one is actually the first try. I might use it to try making a greenstuff banner of some sort for fun.

Now to go see if Charlie will pay me $300 for this figure ... or give me a soda.

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  1. It looks great..! I´m a Rune Quest GM myself, so I really like this one. This kind of mini really brighten up the game session :)